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New TV show hosts having fun searching for treasures across Canada
by John Syratt

When he was younger, Calgary lawyer Scott Cozens and his mom would spend their Saturday mornings garage sailing and visiting antique stores in Calgary, AB. Often those treasure hunting forays would include a visit to the antique shop/auction firm owned by Sheldon Smithens’ family.

The much anticipated series, Canadian Pickers, inspired by Cineflix’s smash hit American Pickers, is hosted by Smithens and Cozens and premiered on History Television on Tuesday, April 12, 2011.

The series follows the journeys of these two treasure tourists, as they uncover bits of Canadian history, one dusty relic at a time.
“It’s reality TV and we own the merchandise and spend our own money,” Smithens indicated. “The concept of picking is to find it barn fresh and turn it over to the dealer.”

“We were already friends but we’ve become much better friends, which is not the norm when you’re spending this much time on the road together,” Cozens said of his co-host. “We dovetail personality wise and collecting wise. Sheldon likes traditional antiques and when I’m looking at GI Joe’s he’s looking at silver.”
Smithens agreed, calling Cozens his “good friend and the king of pickers.”

photo courtesy Cineflix (Canpick) Inc.
Canadian Pickers' Sheldon Smithens and Scott Cozens –photo courtesy Cineflix (Canpick) Inc.

“He never quits,” added Smithens. “I’m ready to roll and Scott wants one more crack at it.”

Cozens says his grandmother was a picker in her own right and his mom worked at Galvin Auction for almost 20 years.

In the ‘80s, Cozens got serious about antiques and collectibles, buying boxes of stuff he didn’t want just to get the one thing he did want. With the extras he started doing antique shows in Alberta.

Smithens’ family has been in the business for close to 100 years, as clockmakers, jewellers, antiques importers and wholesalers, auctioneers and antique store owners.

“I grew up surrounded by antiques,” Smithens said, describing his family’s interests. “They weren’t just dealers but collectors.”

The two pickers have enjoyed crossing the country, meeting people and seeing treasures in Eastern Canada that aren’t found in the West.

The series premiere was accompanied by the simultaneous launch of, a comprehensive antiques & collectibles website, offering picker aficionados and rookies an online community to share their picking stories, learn more about the art of picking, and buy or sell their treasures. For info visit

canadian pickers
Scott Cozens and Sheldon Smithens with a couple of their recent picks. –photo courtesy Cineflix (Canpick) Inc.

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