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Who We Are:

Treasures is a bi-monthly niche-market newspaper focusing on antiques, collectibles, hobbies, arts, crafts and history. Based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, Treasures is designed to be a one-stop source of updatable information on events and resources related to those genres in Southern and Central Alberta, and parts of BC. Treasures began publishing November 1, 2009 with an initial press run of 15,000 delivered to coffee shops, hair salons, barber shops, doctor's and dentist's offices, clinics and more. Based on industry standards the anticipated readership is approximately 45,000 per issue.

Our Mission:

To help the collector, the creative and the curious make valuable connections and discover great opportunities in print and online, by providing cost-effective advertising and informative articles.
Our Vision:

To create a simple and effective marketplace for advertisers and treasure hunters.

Our Readers:

Our readers are people of all ages (youth to seniors) and from all walks of life. They are interested in something treasure-related, whether it is made of gold, silver, wool or canvas. Our readers determine our success. We will solicit, hear, respect and act on their ideas. We will maintain standards of excellence and strive to delight them with interesting content. Our paper is geared to the collector, the hobbyist, the treasure hunter as well as those who use their gifts to create their own treasures.

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Our Commitment: Code of Ethics and Standards

Editorial Integrity:

We believe that the cornerstone of Treasures newspaper and is journalistic integrity. We insist on honesty and accuracy in all our reporting. We will report progress and achievements as well as challenges and injustices, offering our readers context and perspective. We will entertain as well as enlighten. Professional journalists and responsible newspapers have a special obligation to help ensure the public is well informed. We will ensure that the editorial is original, the focus is personal to the readers, the physical quality is high and the circulation is verifiable. We have written these commitments out so that readers can be aware of the standards this newspaper sets for itself, and can call it to account if those standards are not met. Any questions regarding the editorial code of ethics can be directed to Treasures publisher/editor, John Syratt.

Ad to editorial ratios:

Advertising content must not exceed 70% in any issue of our newspaper.

Editorial content:

At least 50% of the editorial content of each issue must be produced by members of Treasures' Writer's Team. We will strive for balanced and comprehensive coverage of the news and events affecting the local communities we serve. Treasures will not accept content that the publisher deems inappropriate for a family audience.


Editorials may only be placed in the commentary section unless a continuation of the text into another area of the commentary section is deemed necessary. The calendar page is considered editorial. The opinions of our columnists and writers are not necessarily those of the publisher.

Letters to the Editor:

We want to hear from you. Please let us know what you're thinking. We encourage the submission of letters to the editor. Letters will be printed as submitted, unless the editor chooses to delete words or portions that are in poor taste, libelous or unnecessary to convey essential meaning. Letters should be no longer than 200 words. The editor may condense longer letters. Letters must include the author's name, address, telephone number and signature. Unsigned letters will not be accepted. All letters received via email will be verified, and must include the author's name, address and telephone number. The author's name and community of residence will appear with the letter unless circumstances warrant their absence. This decision will lie with the editor. The address and phone number of the letter writer will not be published unless at the request of the letter writer. Statement of fact and opinion in letters to the editor, editorials and commentaries are the responsibility of the author(s) alone and do not necessarily reflect the opinion of Treasures Publishing.

Editor's Rights:

Treasures reserves the right to edit all articles on the basis of fairness, information value, taste, accuracy, grammar, clarity, style, length and other editorial considerations. Editorial commission is not a guarantee of publication - editors retain the right to request a rewrite, or to reject a piece at any stage. Only work that is published shall be paid for and at the agreed upon flat rate. The editor's decision is final. The editor has the right to set policy on any situation not listed in these editorial standards.

Writer's Team:

We believe that the members of our Writer's Team are well qualified to provide our readers with interesting and entertaining articles. We will treat them with the utmost respect and integrity. We appreciate their contributions to Treasures and will honor them accordingly.


The contents of columns appearing in Treasures are presumed to be the opinions of the columnists and not necessarily those of the editor. While the editor respect the rights of the columnists to express their opinions, the editor will apply to the columnists the same editorial standards applied to other parts of the newspaper. Letters to the editor are the proper vehicles for occasional expressions of opinion; a regular column is a privileged forum available to those willing to commit themselves. The editor reserves the right to cancel a column or change a columnist should, in the editor's sole opinion, it is deemed necessary.

By-lines :

All articles and photographs will carry a by-line unless the entire article was taken from a published press release.

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Treasures will not print explicit material or profanity. The editor reserves the right to edit or reject anything deemed to be profane.

Objectionable Content:

The final decision of the intent of an article or advertisement's content belongs to the editor. The editor reserves the right to reject any article or advertisement deemed objectionable.

Conflict of Interest Situations:

Readers should be confident that stories printed in Treasures have been judged by journalists to be of value to our readers, not because special interests are promoting the writing of those stories. We will strive for objectivity in our reporting, but understand the potential for conflict of interest. Writers with a special interest in a particular organization should, if possible, avoid writing articles relating to that organization unless representing that particular genre as a columnist. All actual or apparent conflicts of interest involving writers of articles or columns will be disclosed to readers. For example, a member of a certain hobby club who writes about that hobby will be identified as a club member.


Constructive criticism can help us learn from our mistakes, while ridicule is of little value. We know that criticism is fundamental to improvement. We encourage continual input from our readers, writers and advertisers. Thank you for helping us produce a better newspaper.

Accuracy :

Accurate, timely news reports and other informative articles are the foundation of the newspaper. Every effort will be made to provide readers with the latest news and to verify questionable information. Articles will not be shown to sources prior to publication. However, reasonable efforts will be made to ensure information from the sources is factual and in context.

Quotes and Sources:

As far as possible, all sources of information will be disclosed to our readers. Comments published within quotation marks will be exactly as written or spoken, except for occasional minor grammatical editing that does not change the sense or tone of the quotation. Similarly, photographs must not be electronically or otherwise altered to distort the actual scene. Statements quoted in articles will be fully attributed to sources whenever possible. Plagiarism will not be tolerated. If any staff or outside writer is found to have deliberately copied someone else's work without attribution, the infraction will be publicly noted. Guarantees of confidentiality to sources will be respected, within limits set by Canadian law.


Complaints will be given full and prompt consideration. All factual errors brought to the attention of Treasures staff will be corrected in the following issue. All corrections for any particular section will be printed within the first 4 pages of the newspaper.

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Advertising: (click here for rate card)

Please consult our most recent Rate Card for display ad prices and guidelines. Total advertising volume influences the number of pages available for editorial copy, therefore the existence or non-existence of individual advertising orders will have some bearing on the placement or editing of specific news stories and photographs. Advertising features (Advertorials) are welcomed but will be clearly identified as such.

Editorial Deadline:

All articles and photographs must be submitted to the editor no later than the 1st of the month prior to publication date.

Freedom of the Press :

Treasures supports the principle of a free press as one of the foundations of democracy and individual liberty.

If you're writing for Treasures then please:

Keep it short: We are trying to make Treasures an easy-to-read, enjoyable newspaper. We're looking for concise, punchy stories. Articles should be no more than 300 words unless cleared by the editor. Some complex issues could merit additional length. Most writers know it's more difficult to write a shorter story than a longer one. It is said that Mark Twain once wrote, “I didn't have time to write it shorter.”
Keep it simple: Cover the main points: “who, what, when, where, why and how” – preferably near the beginning of the article.
Get it in quick: Time is crucial in newspaper reporting. We need to receive the article as soon as possible after the story takes place and prior to the editorial deadline – the 1st of the month prior to publication.

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We Need Your Information:

Enclose the following information with each story: date, name of writer, address, phone and fax number, email address, rights offered.

We're Picky About Photos:

We welcome sharp, well-composed photos (preferably action shots, try to avoid head shots) accompanying articles. Color prints are best, black and white if necessary. If possible, we like to receive photos by email as a high-resolution (300 dpi or greater) JPEG or TIF file. If photos are obtained from a professional photographer, they must be accompanied by written permission for Treasures' use. With each photo please provide a description of the photo (cutline) complete with the correct spelling of the names of those in the photo. If you're not the photographer please let us know how the photo credit should read. For example: -photo courtesy of Glenbow Museum or –photo by Jillian Jablonsky.

Please make it easy for us:

We prefer to receive articles by email, as this saves both time and money, or you can send us a hard copy on a CD or Thumb Drive. However, faxed or mailed articles are accepted if the technology is not available. Manuscripts must be typed.

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Treasures pays a flat rate, based on a per word basis, for original articles with an assigned word limit, published in our newspaper. No payment will be made for any article submitted or published without written approval and agreement on the per word flat rate amount from the editor prior to publication. News releases and articles focusing on a cause or organization are considered to be promotional in nature and writers of such will not be remunerated. For photographs, we pay $20 for the first one used and $10 for subsequent photos used throughout a particular issue. Purchase of rights includes possible posting on our Web page. Writer's cheques are mailed on the 15th of the month the article is published.

The kind of articles we're looking for:

We welcome news and feature stories related to the genres we focus on. We sometimes publish unsolicited material, but we always prefer to be queried first. Please email queries, they are easier and less time consuming for us than phone calls, faxes or query letters by mail. You are encouraged to submit articles about people or news events in your own community or organization that would be of interest to our readers. Please do not send us any poetry.

For more information, contact:

John Syratt, Email: , Phone: (403) 457-4870 or Toll Free: 1-877-457-4870

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